Good grass and dust


Growing up out west or in the bush, the dry season and wet season were not the only seasons I knew, there is also the bull dust season.

I know what is means when the wet season doesn’t arrive, it is when the bull dust covers everything. A fine layer of dust that settles in your hair, eyes, bed sheets and covers everything and reaches into the crevasse where normal dust can’t reach.

The rains are late in our sunny state, the grass hasn’t grown, cattle are dying from the lack of grass and water.

Farmers are struggling to sell cattle at a loss, so they can buy feed to keep their breeding stock alive and hopefully when the rain comes and the grass grows again they might have a fighting chance to keep their farms from being foreclosed by the banks.

The bush is covered in thick bull dust and rural families are choking to death on it.

I can’t visit my brother and his family because they don’t have enough water. It is that simple!

They are spending all their emotional and physical resources trying to keep their cattle business alive. The rationing of water from the one last dam that is 1/4 full between herd and home doesn’t extend to visitors.

Can you imagine having to wash your body and clothes in dirty dam water?

Danielle from #bakedrefief is coordinating a new baked relief effort for our famers. If you are able to helpout by baking a fruit cake or a batch of ANZAC biscuits please click on a link below:


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