Old craft items

About 30 years ago I learnt how to make these covered soaps.

I have forgotten who gave me the lesson on how to make them. I remember my sore fingers and thumbs from pushing in thousands in pins.
I make heaps and sold them to friends with the goal to have spending money at the local show (county fair).
I made enough to supply a local craft store and for a couple of years I would receive cheques. Years after I had moved away from this small town (Hughenden) I was still receiving $20-$30 cheques. Finally the cheques stopped and I had forgotten all about my first crafting business until recently when I discovered one of my products floating around the bottom of a box.
The plastic flowers that sat ontop have gone and it still smells lovely.
This old craft was to keep your clothes smelling lovely in your cupboard or draws.

Do you still have any craft projects lying around? Are they pride and place or hidden in a back cupboard somewhere?
All is new again and I will be digging out my old craft eg long stitch log cabin, cross stitch and putting it on display and be proud of my crafting adventures.
Sending love and respect to all my new found crafty friends.

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