Denim quilt

Here is my son’s denim quilt almost finished. I have yet to bind the edges.

This quilt is made up on squares cut out of my old jeans. These jeans I have been hanging onto for the last 20 years. There are old work jeans, party jeans, pregnancy jeans and a large square of remnant jean fabric I picked up in a discount bin at a fabric store. The dark blue squares are the remnant jean fabric which I didn’t prewash and you can see how it has strunk a little *sigh*.

As this is my first ever quilt I have learnt a lot during the process and feel this was the perfect beginner project for those that want to quilt yet don’t have all the fancy gear.

All the only new ‘stuff” quilting products that I brought was a rotary cutter, square template and batting. Everything else I already had and I managed to sew it all with my $200 sewing machine from k-mart.

My son is already using this quilt and I have to steal it off him to work in it. He loves the quilt already and that makes me want to finish it properly and not rush the process because he will hang onto this quilt forever.

Pinterest has heaps of tutorial on how to make these rag quilts or just google denim quilt tutorials. Happy Sewing 🙂


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