Xmas decorating

In principle I personally don’t believe in Santa or Christmas. What I do believe in is gift giving and socialising?  Christmas if the craft and baking epic centre. And you get to share these with family and friends all in the name of Christ.

Slowly but surely over the last couple of years with encouragement from the little people I have started decorating our home.

It started with lights in the windows and mini arty trees.

This year we have a center piece for the table. The branches are from our backyard, the vase was given to my son and the baubles were brought for a craft project for the kids school.

I have a single sheet of glass over the top of my table and under it we have a map of the world.
It was an idea from my father, so that whenever a city from another country comes up in conversation we look at the map.

After I had purchased the baubles for the kids craft, came home, discovered that they were glass. Glass is not an appropriate craft medium for 9 year old craft.

The children hung them using red cotton.
This is a lovely centre piece for our dinner table.

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