CARS 2 – TRAILER 2 – Disney Pixar – Only at the Movies June 23

This year we have Lighting McQueen and Matter back on our screens and I can’t wait.

When this first movie came out in 2006 my favourite son was turning 4 and we had a lovely trip to the movies to watch it, followed up with purchasing the DVD as soon as it came out.

I remember the Car’s christmas presents, the loud noisy toys, which still lurk at the bottom of the toy box. I don’t have the heart to throw them out.

In 2007 the birthday theme was all things Cars related and we had the best birthday cake.

The sweat shops in China will be working overtime producing toys for Christmas 2011 and I’m sure a few will end up at the bottom of our toy box.

Michael Cain voice brings a 007 element to Cars 2, I can’t wait and I have the chilren begging me to watch the movie trailer over and over again on you tube.

You too can enter a competition to win free tickets, it is easy just blog about the movie coming out and link back to here.


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