Melbourne Cup

Today is a great day to be crowd watching.  Melbourne Cup fever has hit Australia and another reason I love Autumn.

The Melbourne Cup is a horse race that everyone stops to watch.  Shopping Centres are deserted. Betting agencies are packed.  Fancy luncheons are hosted everywhere, in homes, at work and all restaurants are booked out.  All the work televisions are now tuned into the horse racing stations for up-to-date information on the race and fashion experts out an about judging what everyone is wearing. 

It is the only time of year that facinators are exceptable headwear at work.

Like most Australian’s I don’t gamble on horse races, expect when it comes to the Melbourne Cup. Each year I studied the form guide on to select my horse by what the jockey is wearing or because I like the name.

Each year I have learnt that the best dress jockey doesn’t win the race, funny names are not lucky and the favourite horse never wins.  That’s what so facinating about this horse race.  It is hard to pick who is going to  win, it pays to put money on a medium-long shot.

On the my local radio station 97.3 I heard a well known psychic predict number 8 horse Americain to win.  Considering that I haven’t studied the form guide and have no idea about the horses racing today, this is the horse I choose to put my $10 bet on.

Now the hardest part of today is waiting around for the race to start, then it is all over in 5 minutes.

UPDATE:- Americain won the Melbourne Cup


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