digital clocks

We have this digital clock inside of my bedroom and it shines the time on the wall.

It can be a pain when you can’t sleep.
My favourite son has learn how to change the time and reset the alarm.
He loves electronics.
I complained about resetting the alarm and changed it back.
My favourite son reprogrammed the alarm to play waterfall sounds.
When the alarm goes off, I fall straight back to sleep because of the soothing effects of the water fall.
I complained again and reset the alarm sound to radio.
My favourite son reprogrammed the radio to be quiet static.
When the alarm goes off I dream crazy dreams because of the white noise.
Now I set the alarm on my mobile phone, using the buzzer sound.
My favourite son reprogrammed my mobile to silent.
I have given up on technology and open the curtains cause he can’t reprogram the sun.

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