Louis L’Amour

Do you remember the movie ‘How the West was Won’? Louise L’Amour wrote that movie, it starred John Wayne, James Stewart, Henry Fonda.

He also wrote ‘The Quick and the Dead’ which was made into a movie starring Sam Elliott.

Louise L’Amour wrote over 120 non-fiction, novels and short stories.

My favourite Big Brother owned nearly every book he ever wrote, until they got stolen along with his fishing gear. He has never gotten over loosing the books or his favourite fishing lures.

When I was a teenager I would have to wait patiently for my favourite big brother to finish reading his latest Louis L’Amour book and then he would give it to my Mother to read, then I would have to wait patiently for her to finish it, which was always on a Monday.

Finally it would be my turn and I would have to wait until the weekend, cause I wasn’t allowed to read books on school days. From Friday night onwards, I would spend the whole weekend in my Pj’s reading the Louis L’Amour book that my Big Brother and Mother had spent the last 4 weeks talking about.

Patience is something I’ve always had in bucket loads; I think it is a middle child thing.


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