Lost Diary

I’ve lost my diary because I hid it. I hide my diary so well even I can’t find it. There is nothing interesting in my diary except if you read it you would think I was a total nut case.

My diary contains what I don’t want to forget, my observations and fixations in life, when you put them all together on the one page I look like an utter freak. Here take a peek:

*I was obsessed with where to buy the best fresh cherries and how I worried over our whole family addiction to them.

*There is a section on my daughters bowl moments because she is not regular and I like to put a little secret fibre in her diet before she gets backed up.

*Notes from my childhood, cause I add them to my scrapbook albums e.g., as kids we use to walk through the rainforest in the rain to go for a swim.

*Contact notes from the ex, nuf said.

*Craft notes on what projects I want to tackle, what I have started and what I need to finish. I find it easy to start projects and disciple to finish, so I keep track.

*Who is on my cuteness radar?

*Blog ideas and notes

*ramblings on nothing and countless of crap.

*What I am grateful for

*Kids milestones and the cuteness they bring to each day

*ASD and where we are at because it is a journey and it can get ugly sometimes.

*can’t remember cause its been awhile since I’ve seen or read my diary

Actually I didn’t hide it, I lost it.

Could this be a sign that I shouldn’t keep a diary?

I have looked in all my hidey holes and come up with zip. Where are the good hiding spots, because I have forgotten? Here are my top hiding spots that don’t have nothing hiding there:

1. Underwear draw

2. Old handbag

3. On top of a cupboard

4. Linen cupboard

5. Shoes

Could you help me please? Where would you not hide a diary? Hey Stalker where is it?


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