Australian Boy – Aussie Digger

We have lost Australian Diggers again this week in a war against terrorist. This last week I have found myself thinking about their sacrific and how their families are now living there lives with a full fledge ‘hero, who paid the ultimate price’ in it.  I am sure they would give anything to give back their hero’s and have their ‘normal’ son back.

Lee Kernaghan paid tribute to there efforts in his song Australian Boy.

We all have close ties with our solder sons who are risking not only their lives but the sanity of their families while on active duty.  My son is named after a Digger who returned from active duty from The Sands at christmas time. 

Ask yourself, could you live for 8 months away from your family and friends in a hostile environment?  I know I couldn’t.

It would not be hard to trace the 6 degrees of seperation, of the three Queensland Solders who died recently, to be known to you or me, in someway or another.  I have lived and worked all over this wonderful state and feel a deep sadness because we have lost three of our bravest sons.


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