New Moon

High heel sneakers
Originally uploaded by whydiss

Recently I was baby sitting my children on a Daddy Weekend and took them on a movie date. The only movie they wanted to see was New Moon and due to the hot weather, it was a great way to spend an afternoon.

The movie preparation usually starts with giving making sure the children are well fed before we go, other wise they will nag me for junk food. We visit the public bathroom just before entering the cinema because if we don’t there will have to be an emergency half way through the movie.

For a snack we always have popcorn, I wont even contemplate going out to the movies if I don’t have enough money for buy popcorn. Our drink is water brought from home, sometimes we have a soda; however that can lead an emergency midway through the movie.

The kids were great and the movie fantastic, it was well paced and visually appealing. My one query was about Jacob footwear, why is he wearing high heel sneakers?


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