more about me


As a single Mum who works full time, I have found that my network is filled with Entrepreneurs with a passion for business and family life.

The reality is that co-parenting is HARD! We all want to be like the family where the Mum and Dad are cool and the kids’ seamless slip between have two homes, two bedrooms and two sets of household rules. For most of us, good intentions get lost in the turbulent sea of life. There are many ups and downs and we are all hanging on for dear life in our small life rafts, pray that the stormy parts to end and hope we don’t end up vomiting on ourselves.

My children are the centre of my universe, they are happy, healthy, well adjusted and as teenagers starting to flex their independent muscles. I have chosen a career that allows me to have flexibility on the hours I keep.

My craft keeps me sane and I am an old Nanna at heart and love all things created via my own hands eg soap, baking, crochet, sewing, gardening, preserving etc I love reading other personal websites/blogs that reflect the lifestyle I am creating for my family. Sharing is the essence of our souls!


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