About me

Creator of Business Opportunities

Twenty years of working in the private and government sector filled my bank of knowledge to capacity. Through word of mouth, CEO’s started asking me to help with their organisational problems.

My eyes are fresh, my ears are listening and I can quickly identify all of the ‘missing links’/elements that are holding a business back from being the undistinguished leader in the field.

Currently I am working with an organisation who is a wholesale food provider, helping them shift into Niche Retail Markets for increased production and profits.

Here is what I can provide your business…
‘The Process’ – I can identify what is going wrong
‘The Professional’ – Create solutions to the Burning Issues
‘The Trusted Confident’ – Integrating the Solution Across All Levels
‘The Lateral Thinker’ – Fixing Each Solution Highlights ‘Other’ Problems

A Government Client had a problem and asked, ‘This department has been loosing $20,000 per year for the last 4 years, can you please manage it for a while?’ I created a marketing and business plan, analysed and reworked the plans until the department was profitable. Within 8 months, had recouped $80,000 and started the next financial year in the black.

A Corporate Client said ‘We have an high staff turn over which is costing our company in recruiting, training and loss of productivity, how do we turn this around?’ I created a plan to improve their worker moral and they went from a 60% turnover rate to 5% turnover rate within 12 months, productivity improved, deadlines were met and sales improved.

Start the conversation today with me about your company and how I can improve your bottom line 🙂



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