First week

Our first week on the road was all about finding our groove and trying out different camps:

✔️First stop was the Sunshine Coast to catch up with friends and family, we stayed at a caravan park.

✔️Second stop was our first free camp at Ban Ban Springs to dry out our van from the previous rainy days.

✔️Third stop was Bundaberg and we stayed at a Scout Camp with the best hot showers.

✔️Fourth stop was a free camp just outside of the Gladstone.

✔️Fifth camp was staying with friends in Rockhampton and repairs to the van.

Spent a lovely day with the kids (Miss P and Mister B). I’m so proud to be their Mumma!

These lovely people made our stay marvellous, so Miss P and I made them a pizza feast.

Malany Bird Santuary

We loved every minute and acknowledge this could be someone’s worst nightmare.

My first time using the outdoor shower and we discovered our hot water system isn’t working properly.

We had a taste of every single flavour and Miss P let out a burp like non I’d ever heard before.


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