The drought


Photo credit Virginia Tapp

There has been much noise in the media about the drought, however since a drug smuggler has taken the headlines I wanted to do my bit to turn the attention back to real people, real problems and a whole industry in trouble.

These links will tell you more than I can type about:

Here are some fellow bloggers who are living on farms that are drought affected and I thank them for allow the world into their lives, sharing their struggles and quest to never give up.

Jody –

Sharon –

Amanda –

Gemma –

Kate – (not drought but weather affected)

Before you leave can I ask you to ponder this question.

If you go to the supermarket and purchase meat for dinner. If it’s beef and the cut you choose is $25 per kilo, the farmer only sell their beef at $1-2 per kilo, who gets the other $23?


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