Back to school

As I sit here wrapping books I feel a sense of pride. Proud that my children have survived the infant years.

Having spent time recently with a new born I recalled all the horrible early years of sleep deprivation and constant worry. My two children have grown out of that stage and are now completing their school years, of which I am immensely proud to share with them.

As I wrap their books and label all the new school items, I reflect on this tradition and think of my mother and grandmother and how they would have done the same. This is another rite of passage that I love performing. I am savouring this time and ritual as I know that just like the sleep deprived and worrisome baby years are behind me this too will soon pass.

The smell of new books, the clean crisp uniforms and tidy school bags will soon be worn, torn and smelly.

The frantic pace of school, work and after school commitments clashing with meetings and training days will become part of my working week. The pressure and stress can really get a person down.

For now I am enjoying my moment of wrapping books and feeling connected to my mother and grandmother, loving my children and savouring this rite of passage.

What do you love about back to school?



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