Cup of tea with me

Late late year in the mist of packing and moving I completed an online course for blogging with Pip Lincolne. The course inspired me and challenged me. I highly recommend this course and think you should do it too.

Pip has set a challenge, so here goes:

1) Name, State and what you do on a daily basis…

Rochelle from God’s country, Queensland and on a daily basis I cook and clean up after my two children. To finance my crafty activity and to pay the bills I work for a charity called Meals on Wheels. I support 36 meals on wheels services across the southern part of our state. I travel & have cups of teas with lovely volunteers who are running a business to deliver meals to those that are less fortunate than most. It takes a dedicated team of volunteers to prepare, deliver and run a meals on wheels service and my job is to help with the endless red tape and conflict that can occur.

2) Favourite things to do…

Hang out with my partner and all our kids, especially camping or hiking. That doesn’t happen every day so my second favourite would be cooking/baking for them.

I love crochet and the steady rhythm of the hook and finger movement is a form of meditation to me. I stick to basic crochet because I like how I can mediate and zone out while creating a large granny square blanket or stripy baby blanket. This slow and constant movement helps me to relax.

Books = bliss. Reading a hard cover book rarely happens anymore, mostly I listen to audio books while driving for work. Audio books have been a god send and I am thankful that our local library has a great collection. The many hours I spend in my car is enjoyable and time flies when listening to a great book.

Sit out on our balcony having a glass of red wine with my partner and watching the river flow by.

3) Favourite place to be

Anywhere there is a mountain with a tropic rainforest,cold stream or river and waterfalls. I am not a beach babe, give me the mountains anyday 🙂

4) Favourite things to eat and drink…

It is the simple food in life I love, baked beans on toast with a sunny side egg on top. Washed down with a strong cup of Yorkshire tea, sweet and milky.

Sunday roast with all the trimming eg stuffing balls, salty baked potatoes, burnt baked pumpkin, thick gravy and Yorkshire puddings that are puffy with a crunchy top. Accompanied by a good glass of Australia Shiraz.

If I had to have a love of any type of food it would have to be curry. I love Thai curry, Indian curry, Aussie curry etc but can’t eat it vindaloo hot.

5) Favourite inspirations..

Those that keep their ideals to the simple… Life is ying and yang, what is good is also bad. Finding balance and happiness is am empty pursue and the emotion that drives this will never be satisfied.

Good times will be followed by hard times and give you appreciation for the next season of good times and resilience for when life has challenges. This what life is all about and there are no exceptions for race, money, status, gender, religion etc

Blessings and beauty are all arrondissement us it is our filters that stop us from appreciating them.

6) Something I want to know more about..

Marketing not for profit business via social media, for work.



7) Blogs I love

Lucy at attic24

Pip at meetmeatmikes

Ree at pioneerwomen

Kate at foxslane

I have heaps to add here and will come back when my brain is not so tired.

Thanks for stopping by!

Rochelle xo



One response to “Cup of tea with me”

  1. What a wonderful day job you have and what a great comment about thing yin and yang of life. Loved it.

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