Cooking chicken on a can


Yesterday I managed to cook 2 chickens using the can method on the BBQ and it worked.

Heat up the BBQ to 180 degress
Prepare the chicken and I stuffed half and onion inside the chicken and pushed it up into the neck part of the cavity.

Pour out or drink half the contents of the soda can. I used lemonade.
I rubbed butter, salt and pepper on the skin of the chicken.
Place on an oven proof tray and place in the middle of your BBQ, pull the lid down/cover the chicken for 2 hours.
I didn’t get to take the chicken out of the over, so don’t have a photo of the finished product.

The meat was tender, the skin slightly burnt but in a good way. The only problem was the wings were over cook.

I know this technique has been around for years but it was the first time I have given it a go. Cooking on the BBQ is essential in 40+ degree heat. What do you cook on the BBQ other than the normal sausage and steak?

Have you heard about the Great Australian BBQ?


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