Ta dah not quite finished patchwork advent

I have admitted defeat and realised that I have run out of time to complete my patchwork jean pocket advent calendar.

It is functional and has been used this year since December 1st.


The binding will have to wait until next year.


The sewing is not perfect and I rushed to piece it together.


The numbers are still pinned on.

This piece of craft reflects my life at the moment. Rushing to get everything done and not one single project has a polished finish where many hours of care has been poured into it. Each project is done, roughly finished, functional and well loved.

I know that this time of my life won’t last and don’t want to rush as I am aware that my children will soon be grown and I will have plenty of time on my hands.

The baby years seemed so long ago where the endless nights of no sleep and the constant feeding was never going to end. My babies are growing up and I am trying to fit in precious hand made memories along with the school concerts, pressing work deadlines and a never ending to do list.

Another year is coming to a close and I am feeling a little overwhelmed that another year has passed so quickly. I want my children to have family traditions as this will give them fond memories that will connect their past and future. The advent calendar is not perfect but hopefully it will now be a part of their past and future.

What is your family tradition at the end of each year?


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