Taking stock 1

I am following along with Pip who has started a taking stock list:

Making : hedwig softies for the Mirabel Foundation
Cooking : chocolate fruit cake
Drinking : red wine
Reading: load of blogs from my fellow students
Wanting: a good night sleep
Looking: at my unfinished crochet dish cloth for a swap at jellywares.com
Playing: Harry Potter audio book – Order of the Phoenix
Deciding: on what to write for my 750
Wishing: that the rain would keep falling all night long
Enjoying: the cool that comes after a down pour of rain
Waiting: until Monday when I will be able to use data download on my iphone again
Liking: that I got drenched in the rain helping my neighbour
Wondering: how much damage the storm created
Loving: my quiet weekend
Pondering: career options
Considering: moving
Watching: nothing but this computer screen
Hoping: to keep my balance
Marvelling: at all my neighbours who joined in the ‘street garage sale’
Needing: a massage
Smelling: rain
Wearing: t-shirt
Following: Pip on a blogging journey
Noticing: my children need more of my attention
Knowing: I am not perfect
Thinking: of all the possibilities and working on a solution
Feeling: mixed emotions
Admiring: Louise who keeps a calm and centered at all times
Buying: 2 cushions from a neighbours garage sale
Getting: my neighbours to buy my stuff at my garage sale
Bookmarking: historical reference to my 750 word project
Opening: my mind to new possibilites
Giggling: at funny videos on facebook (sad but true)
Feeling: accomplished because most of my neighbours supported the street garage sale


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