Strawberry and rhubarb

Another batch of strawberry and rhubarb jam done!

Hopefully this year I will make enough to last 12 months. I thought 10 jars of jam would last 12 months but I was wrong 😦

Here is the recipe:
1.5 kg of fruit (50/50 strawberry and rhubarf)
1/4 cup of water
4 tablespoons of lemon juice
1.5kg of brown sugar
1 packet of jam set
1. Prep the fruit by cutting off the green leaves of the strawberries and halving them. Roughly chop the rhubarb into slightly larger chuncks than the strawberries as they cook quicker.
2. Add the prepped fruit, water and lemon juice into a large sauce pan and on the stove, gently bring to the boil, stiring constantly.
3. Place the sugar into a large microwave container and heat/warm it up in the microwave (6-8mins)
4. Add the warm sugar and jam set to the fruit mixture on the stove.
5. Gentle boil the mixture until the jam has set (40 mins – 90 mins)
How I check if the jam has set, is to place a small plate in the freezer and drip some jam onto the cold plate and if it is thick and wobbly, it is set. 

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