My mother brought 2 tickets to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert, unfortunately she is ill and was unable to attend. There were many anxious moments where we thought she could make it, then sadly she realised that it wasn’t going to happen. My big brother is in town unexpectedly due to the rainy weather, he has been unable to work. So my big brother and I went to see the concert together. He was great company and I really enjoyed out evening out together.

As for the concert, Tim was amazing. Faith was good but all praise goes to Tim, he can really work a crowd and he puts his heart and soul into every song he sings. There was a song I hadn’t heard before, it is a you could tell half way through the song he was all chocked up and was unable to sing a line or two. Powerful are his words, beautiful is his music and gracious was his manner. And you can see he really loves his wife. There is nothing sexier than a man who is truely, deeply inlove.