Natural arch

We visited Natural Arch today and discovered that visitors are no longer allowed to swim. Such a shame as this was a lovely spot to swim in the cold water on a hot day. Now there is a huge fence surrounding the area confining visitors to the paved walking track. Somehow it didn’t feel the same not being able to dip your toe in the freezing cold water.

Being forced to walk of the manicured path and staying within the fences I know is how this natural beauty will be protected from the thousands of tourists that visit, however I can’t help but feel disappointed in the loss of freedom.

The highlight was still being able to feel the water spray on our faces, seeing rainbows in the mist and showing the kids glow worms that live inside the cave.

We visited Yatalar Pies on the way home, oh so yummy. With over 130 years experience in making meat pies we had a late lunch and brought a take home pack.


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