Pit stop on the way home

In the afternoon rush of leaving one place to get to another my darling daughter annouced that she needed to use the bathroom NOW. My question is always the same, why didn’t you go before we left? Her answer is always, I didn’t need to go then.

Over the last couple of years we have gotten to know the various public toilets in our area. Today while standing outside the public toilet door waiting, I got to watch a storm pass by.

Sometimes my blood pressure goes through the roof when I get the request from the back seat for a toilet break because we have only been in the car for 2 minutes and it will only take another 2 minutes to arrive at our destination, except I now have pull over, stop the car, find a toilet and wait. By Murphy’s law this generally occurs when we are in a hurry or running late.

For all the reasons above I decided that this was going to be my photo of day. I want it recorded so in 20 years time when my daughter is having a bad day because she has had to make multiple pit stops with her own children while driving, I am going show her this picture empathise and say “I totally understand”.


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