Lavender Ice Cream

In the later half of this year I spent a weekend in Stanthorpe and brought some edible lavender.
Years ago when BB was only a babe in arms, we went on a trip to Tasmania. On this trip we stopped at a lavender farm that served lavender flavoured scones and ice cream. The memory of lavender flavoured food has stayed with me all these years.
My chance encounter with a lavender farm that sold edible lavender, ment I had to buy some and try making my own ice cream and scones.
Here is my attempt at lavender ice cream. The recipe was very easy, plus borrowing Mum and Dad’s ice cream maker also helped.
Milk, cream, sugar, vanilla and lavender buds.
Wash and dry your lavender before cooking with it.
Milk, lavender and vanilla in a pot and warm, do not boil.
Strain the warm milk into a bowl and add the cream.
I am not sure where the photos of me straining out the lavender buds went.
At this point you only want the lavender/vanilla infused milk. Add the sugar, stir until it disolves and add the cream.
Chill in the fridge for 2 hours.
Pour into your ice cream maker.
Churn for 30-40 minutes.
While your chilling the milk/cream mixture in the fridge, pop the empty container your ice cream storage container in the freezer.
Once the ice cream maker is finished, scrape it all out into the pre frozen container and store in your freezer for 24 hours to set completely.
I forgot to add the salt and lavender buds prior to freezing.
My stash of lavender is now quiet small, so will need to keep what I have left for the scones.

Can’t wait for xmas day when I serve up this special treat.

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