On my mind today

Last nights dinner
This week has been all about me. With the children in the safe care of their father I have had plenty of me time that I have used to catch up with my friends. To be perfectly honest I am exhausted. Each night has been getting later and later with lingering chats over many cups of chai tea.
With each conversation, hug and ‘love you’ goodbye, I tuck away in my heart these moments of joy and whisper to myself ‘thank you god’ because I am truely one lucky women.

One response to “On my mind today”

  1. Hi there, visiting you from On My Mind!Awww that's really sweet, and it's good to be intentional about all the beauty and love we encounter in our lives. And nothing wrong with Chai tea! If you're a tea aficionado, you might want to check out my blog :)Enjoy your kids AND your free time!Blessings,This Good Life

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