Unforgettable TV Show

One of my favourite actor is Poppy Montgomery (Without a Trace) and she is now staring in a TV show called Unforgettable with Dylan Walsh (Nip / Tuck).

She is working as a detective who has hyperthymesia, which basically means she has a super memory, unable to forget what she see.
Hyperthymesia is a great ability to have when you are solving crime but the way that they film her memory recall is new to TV and I am enjoying the story line. There is the cold case of her sister that she has been working on for 20 years and her cop partner (Dylan) is also her ex-boyfriend. There will be many twist to the plot, some which have been predictable, some not, hopefully there will be many twists and turns that we, the audience will enjoy.
The critics have made many prositive reviews here and here. If you want to see the behind the scene and extra information head over to CBS here.
What I love the most about this show is Carrie / Poppy’s hair color. Oh and she is really buff and the camera loves to show off her guns.

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