Crochet and xmas

My very clever son made this xmas tree in the last week of school. Underneath all that tinsel is a carefully folded magazine. The magazine pages are folded to create a large cone. He then carefully got craft glue all over the tiles while carefully wrapping around the tinsel. His patience ran out after gluing on 6 barbles.
It was really important to BB that his Dad have this homemade xmas tree. A lovely gift made with love.
When I got off the train this morning, on my way to work these beautiful angels were singing xmas carols.
On the hook at the moment is 100% cotton on a 4cm hook. Chained 42, turn and leave 2 stitches and then single crochet until the end, chain 2 and repeat until you have made a square.
I love these little projects because I can hook them on the train.
My other project is still on the hook, however has gotten a little large for hooking on train.
My hook is going between these two projects.
The dish clothes will end up wrapped up with soap for xmas presents. The flower cushion will be a project I will own, the children has set the expectation that I will finish it by the time they return from holidays.

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