Soap making tutorial

One of my lovely girlfriends makes her own soap and I joined her recently to watch and help make a batch. We had so much fun that we decided to do it again and makes a couple of batches for xmas presents.

To make soap you need oil, water and caustic soda. Please be very safe when working with caustic soda and wear protective gloves, eye protection and face mask.

First measure out the caustic soda and add it to a bowl of water. DO NOT add water to caustic soda. All the warning lables and soap recipes are very exact with these instructions and I don’t want to find out why.

We used 135 grams of caustic soda
*water first then add castic soda* Once it is added to 200 mils of water it gets very hot and needs to cool down to 38 degrees. By resting the water mixture in an ice bath helps to speed up the cooling process.
Weigh out 1000 grams of extra virgin olive oil.

Warm in a stainless steel pot to 38 degrees.
Mix SLOWLY the water/caustic solution that is 38 degrees with the olive oil that is 38 degrees with a plastic spoon, once combined mix with a hand blender until trace.
Trace = custdard consistancy or coats the back of a spoon.
If you want add 40 mils of your favourite essential oil.
Pour into moulds that have been greased with a little of olive oil.
You can use any plastic container as molds. This is a container that once held chicken pieces.
Old tupperware containers.
Old dessert containers
Leave for 24 hours wrapped in a towel to set in the containers.
Turn out and cut the larger blocks into ‘soap size’ bars.
The soap must cure for a minimum of 4 weeks before use.
Air them on stainless steel rack, turning daily.
Waiting is the hard part!

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