Crochet Cushion

A couple of weeks ago I was wanting to start a summer crochet project and decided upon a cushion and came up with a list of 5 possibilities here.
My next crochet project will be a crochet cushion and the lovely Lucy from Attic24 has this fantastic tutorial .
In my stash of yarn I have this little bag of left over yarn and I thought this would be the perfect project to use it up.

Unfortunately as I was hooking along I realised that not all the colors flowed together, so I had to visit my local Spotlight store and purchase some ‘inbetween’ colors. Any excuse to buy yarn!

Somehow I managed to only make 5 petal starting out even tho the pattern says to make 6. This is the perfect summer project and small enough work on during my daily train ride / commute into work.
When I start a new crochet project it feels like a new friendship has started and you want to spend all your spare time hanging out. Any spare chance I get you will find me sitting in a corner somewhere hooking, reading the pattern, wondering what color yarn I’m going to be using next etc
This project is a keeper and I can’t wait for the finished cushion to be living permanently on my lounge.

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