I am women

There was a light blub moment when I was about 23 years of age when I realised that I truely was a women. It occurred to me that it didn’t matter what clothes I wore, how I spoke nor what my education level was, it was only important to the opposite sex is that I am a women.

For most women it is hard to acknowledge or even look at themselves as just that, a women. We tend to attach lables to ourselves like colleague, girlfriend, best friend, part of the sisterhood etc. There are also the lables that we are given daughter, sister, wife, mother etc

It took a conversation with a complete stranger many years ago to point out to me that I was indeed just a women. This is the foundation of who we are and it is what we add that counts.

There are times when life starts to wear me down and I have way to many lables to contend with, this is when I start to plan ‘I am a women time’. For some it is a quiet bubble bath or a romantic dinner with their husband, for me it is a good book.

What is your special way of connecting with your inner women?

There are million books on the market and sometimes I will spend month finding the right book. The right book will inspire me and give me the drive I need to pick myself up, dust off my emotional baggage and take charge again.

Leave a comment if you want a list of recommended readings.


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