Family photo

I have tried several times today / tonight to add a post about soap making but my internet connection or blogger is playing up.
So instead I’ve grabbed a photo off my hard drive to share.
Here is my favourite photo of my Grandmother her name is Dorothy and I never got to meet her.
My Gran had the courage to raise 4 girls on her own and work full time. Her daughters, my Aunties and Mum have shared many stories about her. From their stories I have learnt that she like to knit, crochet, sew, bake, ran the local post office and help anyone who was in need.
This photo was taken somewhere in Brisbane when she had enlisted to serve in the Second World War. This photo tells me a story that my Aunties haven’t told me.
My Gran is the one wearing the black swim suit. Maybe since she was brought up on a cattle station with a strict Catholic family values she didn’t dare wear a bikini like her friend. Since they are laying on grass I am assuming they weren’t at the beach so maybe at a swimming pool in Brisbane. She has bundled up her towel to use as a pillow and there is a magazine next to her head with a picture of Marilyn Monroe on the cover.
This photo tells of her life before marrying and becoming a mother. She was women who liked sun baking, reading magazines about movies stars and gossiping with her girlfriends.
I am greatful to my Aunty Beryl and Aunty Shan for sharing their memories and what little material items they had of their Mother and allowing me to scan in their photos.
Do you have any photos of your grandparents when they were young?

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