Crochet along with Bobwilson123 flower

One of my favourite bloggers is Clare and because of her youtube channel I have learnt many new crochet skills. She has designed a flower crochet pattern which I have tried and completed via watching her youtube tutorial. If you would like to join in her crochet along below, she is looking for pattern testers.

Designed by bobwilson123 and tutorial available on Bobwilson123 Youtube

US terms used
Yarn of your choice with recommended hook
Sewing needle
The flower is quite large

Sl st – slip stitch
Ch – chain
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
FO – finish off

We DO NOT count the chains

Make a chain
60cm/24 inches long for a large flower
50cm/20 inches long for a medium flower
40cm/16 inches long for a small flower

30cm/12 inches long for a mini flower

1) sc into the 2nd ch from the hook, 1 sc into every st across, turn

2) *ch 3, skip 2 st, sc into the next st*, repeat from * to * – when you get to the end if you don’t have the correct amount of stitches left sc into the last stitch and turn

3) Ch 3, work 3 dc into the ch 3 space, ch3, sl st into the same ch 3 space that you just worked the 3 dc into. Slip stitch into the next ch 3 space, ch 3, 3 dc into the chain 3 space, ch 3, slip st into same ch 3 space

4) Repeat row 3 until the end. FO leaving a 30cm/12inch tail

Sewing up (I recommend watching Clare’s youtube clip to see how to do this)

Starting at the end where you left the chain, coil/roll up the flower stitching though the sc’s from row 1 as you go to secure the flower in place.
Here is my second flower… I love this tutorial because it is so quick and easy. 
Thanks Clare once again, I personally find written patterns hard to follow and love graphic patterns and your youtube channel.

One response to “Crochet along with Bobwilson123 flower”

  1. Grey wool + flower crochet pattern = winner in my book. Lovely.

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