Crochet WIP

Here is a WIP (work in progress) that has been lurking in the bottom of the crochet basket. It started out as a poncho for my favourite daughter but she didn’t like it because the wool was a little scratchy.

I finished all the little squares before I started the giant granny swirl blanket in March, April this year. Now that I don’t have any current projects on the go, I thought it would be nice to finalise this blanket and donate it to a charity this Christmas.

My work social club has just signed up for The Smith Family Toy and Book appeal. My children were shocked to find out that there are many children in Australia that don’t receive presents at Christmas time. I am proud that they want to help by finding two books we can donate. And we will be working together as a family to find other ways to help out those less fortunate than us.

I am going to look for other crochet and sewing WIP’s that I can finish and donate. What are you doing for charity this Christmas?


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