Finally after 67 rounds I have completed my giant granny square that I started with Le mode de Sucrette crochet along.

As usual with each crochet project at the end I reflect on all that has happened in my life as I crocheted along. This project started in June 2011 at the beginning of a new relationship, the weather was cold and many events all collided at once and at times I was not sure how to face the day.

Right from the started I wanted this blanket to be beautiful, the favourite colors of the intended recipient and a little crazy. I started out crocheting a very large swirl to symoblised that it is ok to go a little crazy, just as long as you know your crazy.

Over the last 5 months there are been many happy times sitting on the lounge with my beloved watching DVD’s, drinking tea and crocheting.

Finally the moment arrived where I had finished the blanket. The last of the wool had been used up, the edge was done and the ends sewn in. Here is my tah-dah moment.

The edging is beautiful and my own little creation. I am sure if you were to look at the million patterns on the web you would find it there however I didn’t look and just experimented with what looked good.

Slip stitch, double crochet, half triple crochet, triple crochet with a pivot point, half triple crochet, double crochet and slip stitch.

Lovely wavey, granny goodness that I am now preparing to pack up and send it to my wonderful friend for a xmas present. With this blanket goes all the love and warmth that its creator intended.

As the crocheting of this blanket has come to an end so has my relationship. It was crazy fun while it lasted, however the last row was full of ups and downs and when we came back to the starting point one of us decided to sew in the end and not attempt another round.