Homemade Yoghurt

Last night I made yoghurt and this morning I enjoyed eating on my breakfast cereal.

The yoghurt is a little runny, not bad for my first attempt.

All I did was heat up some milk until it was warm, using my finger as the temperature gauge. Took the milk off the heat, transferred to a glass jar and added two large tablespoons of plain greek yoghurt with live cultures. Put the lid on the jar and stored it over night in a insulated bag, in the microwave.

Not sure why I put the whole thing in the microwave it was a last minute decision. I wondered if I would forget to check the yoghurt in the morning, completely forgetting about it, only to discover it in a couple of days time. Since I know myself better than anyone else, I stuck a sticky note on the kettle saying ‘open microwave door’.

This morning I went to make a cup of tea and saw my sticky note and guess what? I couldn’t remember why I had put that note on the kettle. And surprised myself when opening the microwave door because inside was a insulated bag with a jar of yoghurt.

Yes overnight I did forget that I had made yoghurt, lucky for me I was prepared.

Will have to try this again!


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