Vera Bradley

I love my new Vera Bradley handbag, there I have said it.

Here is a quick shot from my iphone while I am waiting at the train station on my way to work.

For years I have had leather handbags and enjoyed the look but in our hot climate they are really sweaty to carry around.

Vera Bradley’s handbags are made of cloth and to wear they feel cool/comfortable. Why had I not thought of this before.

The look of my new handbag is funky patchwork. Everyone is commenting on my new bag and has my daughters 95% approval. As my daughter is 7 years old and hates anything pink it was huge praise coming from her and it would have been givin 100% approval if it was purple in color.

Here is it again in all its glory sitting on my lap on the train. I am amazed that all my stuff fitted into the bag. Since I have to carry with me all my son’s medical supplies my handbag tends to get over stuff and very heavy.

It was a huge risk buying this bag unseen off eBay and I had to wait for 5 weeks for it to arrive. It was worth the wait and money spent.

Here is a big hint for xmas, for my family, I will definitely want to buying another one (wink, wink).

And I found out about these bags from Retromummy blog and the official website is here.

More xmas hints and lovely handbags:

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