Today I love three things and wanted to share them with you.

Woolworths have flowers on special and I could not pass up these orange beauties. I love fresh flowers!

Many years ago I learnt that my stress levels were halved driving in traffic if I was sipping a cup of tea. In the last month I stopped sharing my cup of tea when I heard myself saying to my beloved children “I get to have the first 3 sips today”. Plus they were fighting over who’s turn it was to hold the cup.

Lucky for me I have three Tupperware mugs. I love my Tupperware mug! The older style (black) holds more tea so I get that one and the children fight over the blue one. The last one to get dressed gets the pink one. (sigh)

In the last 7 days I have made 3 fruit cakes. Last night I even managed to make 6 jars of lemon butter. Baking helps relieve my stress and I love it.

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