Tangy Lemon Butter

Tangy Lemon Butter

It has been six years between batchs of lemon butter for me.

It takes heaps of eggs and lemons to make my tangy lemon butter. Family and friends usually donate eggs from their back yard chicken coops and lemons off their lemon tree. I in return give them a jar of tangy lemon butter. 

The eggs are from the neighbour who lives next door to my mother and stepfather. The lemons are from my boyfriend who got them off a job site.


2 cups of caster sugar
6 eggs
6 lemons (zest and juice)
250 grams unsalted butter (melted)

In a double boiler put your sugar and eggs.

Mix them all together with a whisk

Use your favourite zester and take the very outer edge off your lemon’s. Make sure that you wash and dry your lemons before you zest them.

I love this tupperware zester it is a real beauty, altho I love the micro plain zester you see on MasterChef.

See all that lovely lemon zest and please don’t zest any of the white part of the skin, it taste nasty.
Add the zest to your mixture, if you don’t like tangy lemon butter just add the zest of 3 lemons.
Juice the 6 lemons and strain the juice into the mixture.
Here is where I felt all the paper cuts on my fingers.
Chop up the 250 grams of unsalted butter and melt in the microwave.
You don’t want the butter to be boiling hot or it will curdle the eggs.

This melted butter is perfect, you can let it sit for awhile to cool a little

Grab a glass of wine.

Add the butter to your mix and turn on the heat.  The water in your pot should not touch the bottom of the top dish. 
It is the steam that will heat up the bowl and slowly cook the lemon butter.
I found that my glass of wine was nearly finished when it was thick enough.
Lucky for me I had plenty of helpers on hand to taste test and check if the lemon butter was set.

I prepared my jars by heating them up in the oven.

It took over twenty minutes of continues whisking for the lemon butter to thicken.
Do not let the mix boil or you will curdle your eggs.
Looks like I will only get one small jar for myself, because the other two will go back to Mum’s neighbour and my boyfriend as ‘thank you’ presents.
Yep I will have to make another batch tomorrow night and keep it hidden at the back of my fridge for the next two weeks.  My favourite son has discovered he loves tangy lemon butter.

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  1. The curd looks great. Good job.

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