Lovin the big and small accomplishments

There are many joys in raising children and I had to share this amazing morning I spent with my favourite son.
Each Sunday I make pancakes for the family and the children help out by pouring the ingredients into the bowl, cracking the eggs and mixing.
As part of my son’s badge work for Scouts he declared that he was going to make the pancakes all by himself one Sunday morning.
I photographed all the steps on my iphone.

For once he didn’t mind me hovering around, checking that all was ok.

You see, my beloved boy has poor fine motor skills which is part of his ASD.

It has taken him years of practice to learn what many children pick up after a couple of attempts, like eathing with a knife and fork, drawning, writing, cutting with sissors etc

Here is where I sucked in my breath, held it until his delicate hands were away from the hot stuff.

It took all my reserve not to step in and talk him out of flipping the pancakes.
I tried not to think about him touching the sides of the pan or pancakes flying everywhere and his confidence being crushed.  It is a mothers instinct to protect her children from harm and sole crushing defeats.
My mouth was firmly closed and all my thoughts and fears I kept to myself. “Give it a go” I said.
Put up your hand if you think I am a neurotic mother.
I don’t care if I’m neurotic.
No fingers were burnt, the pancakes were yummy and my son is well on the way to earning his scout badge.
This was a great day!

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