Crochet Shawl

For a while I have really wanted to crochet a shawl and fallen short. There are a few projects sitting in my basket because I either ran out of wool or didn’t like the crochet pattern.

Finally I have picked up some really nice soft wool and (fingers crossed) have plenty of rolls.

Here I am crocheting on the train, heading into work. (14 June 2011 edit: finally got pic off iphone)

The pattern is my first attempt and did it because I am a visual person and I love these patterns over the wordy ones. This is a beginner crochet pattern and anyone can do it.

Have you ever heard of Prayer Shawls? There is a group called Shawl Ministry and they claim to have the original patterns and instructions on how to make a shawl. I am not going to argue with their claims or message.

I love the idea of praying and making shawl for someone who needs a hug, especially if they are grieving the loss of a loved one. Everytime they wear the prayer shawl it is a hug of love.

In keeping the tradition of Prayer Shawls I have started with a prayer for a colleague who recently lost her husband and is left to raise there son alone. And I am pouring as much love into my crochet because I really want her to feel it everytime she wears this shawl.


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