Chai Tea

My favourite warm drink at the moment is organic chai tea in milk.

For an extra creamy drink use organic full cream milk.
I have a 600ml pot and 600ml mug it takes the guess work out of how much milk to pour.
This drink will have less sugar than an ice coffee.
You have to watch it because there is nothing that smells worst than burnt milk.
I use vanilla paste because it taste divine, you could use vanilla beans but please don’t use vanilla essense.
Here is the tricky part taking a photos while stiring with the other hand.

Yup nearly missed the pot of milk.

Grab one of these it will hold the chai blend.

This large size is for tea pots however I found that it works great with mugs and easier to clean than tea balls.

I love the small of the chai tea mix, once upon a time it would make me gagged. Lucky our tasts buds are always changing, so now I am drinking heaps of this tea cause tomorrow I could end up hating it again.

Keep slowly stiring milk and as the milk heats up the little vanilla seeds will rise to the top.
Now that the milk is warm, creamy and sweetened by the vanilla.

Yep I managed to keep the milk in the cup


Leave it all to infuse for 3-4 minutes

Remove the tea strainer and dump the contents in your bin or garden.

Yum, look at all those tiny vanilla seeds

Does life get any better than this.

I can double dip if I want to because this is one tea my children don’t like.
Given them a couple of years and they will be dipping biscuits too.


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