Crochet Poncho

For a couple of weeks I have been working on a crochet poncho. My favourite daughter is fussy about her clothes and has been since she was a baby and could grab at her shirt, cry and scream ‘OFF’.

My princess would point at the item of clothing she wanted to wear and would keep crying until I gave in. I wanted to be a politically correct Mother and dress my daughter in all manner of green, yellows and blues. My beloved baby would cry and pull at her pretty baby girl clothes and point at anything pink and demand in the way that only babies can until I dressed her in the pink clothes. Needless to say that over the years her wardrobe has become predominately pink with a hint of purple and white.

Fast forward to present day where pink is now out, so is Dora Explorer and purple is no longer the second favourite. We are now in between favourite colors and buying clothes without my daughters’ prior approval is fraught with danger.

I have gone out on a limb and crocheted a poncho for my favourite daughter to wear to school. This my attempt to relive a happy childhood memory and it is not going to fly with my fuss pot even if the wool is super soft.
This has been the first week of her wearing the poncho and I am happy to report that after much coaching and many comments from the other mothers (whom I bribed), I am confident that she will wear it for more than 5 minutes.

Not a blush of pink or purple in site. She loves the centre part of the poncho because it has the heart shape.

Most important of all I have imparted a special memory onto my darling daughter of wearing a crocheted poncho made by her mother.

The pattern I sourced here and check out the youtube clip by Bobby Wilson here

I chained 88 to start off my poncho and singled crocheted the kneck line, double crochet going around and the edge is the same as the one I made up here.

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