Mothers Day Cards

Firstly I would like to say up front that the following photos are shocking. If I didn’t work and have to raise two children I would have found time during daylight hours to take better photos and write up fancy instructions.

This post is for the mothers with little time and need to make a mothers day card fast. As for me I had to prepare 20 mothers day cards as a craft activity for my Joey’s/Scout Group. My criteria for these cards were :
1) quick
2) some coloring in
3) some gluing
4) no cutting out
5) room for writing
6) very little cost
7) each child gets to take one home
8) a bunch of 6 year olds can complete it easily.

After googling and giving up, this is what I made up on my pat malone.

You will need dark pink card stock, white copy paper, pink copy paper, scissors & sewing machine.

Cut out a heart template in card stock

Use MS Word – insert word art, use arial font to creat this title and print it out on white copy paper. Later the kiddies will color it in.
Using your heart template trace around the outside and cut a little smaller than the card stock (template).

Fold both in half and use your sewing machine to stich it together down the middle.  I used white cotten because I thought that kiddies will end up coloring it in too.
Now you have a basic Mother Day card, which looks like a mini book.
Decorate however you like.

Yes that is tea stains on my sewing table (sigh) and the children didn’t do it. If I wasn’t in such a hurry I would have cleaned up a bit and took better photos.
Remember this post is for us busy working mothers who need to make 20 quick and easy mother’s day cards.
I have laundry to hang out and Scout uniforms to iron.

Tomorrow the kiddies can glue on some flowers that I printed out on pink copy paper. It would have been quicker to punch out the shapes and use chalk to give the black edge. But I wanted to sit on the couch and watch MasterChef and cut them out by hand with my favourite daughter.
Tomorrow her Joey Scout Group will stick on the flowers, color in Happy Mothers Day and write:
To Mum
I love you
Your favourite child

PS if you want a copy of the templates I made up, send me an email.


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