Masterchef Australia season 3

The first year of MasterChef Australia I was hooked from the first episode and really enjoyed the cooking challenges and learning to cook new dishes. Anyone that has tasted my homemade pasta will attest to our families cooking adventures thanks to Masterchef Australia.

Half way through season 2 of Masterchef I noticed how the cooking was second to the show and the challenges were tailored towards shock value and not about preparing mouth watering food.

At the end of season 2 I vowed not to watch season 3. With all the hype of guest judges and Mat Moran having a regular spot, I wasn’t convinced nor tempted to take a peek while channel surfing.

Then on the news I heard about John and not presenting a dish, typical MasterChef shock value I thought. I heard he had a disability and my curiosity was pipped and I knew I had to watch an episode.

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When you have a child with a disability you are always looking for positive role models and I wanted to see John mixing it up with the other able contestants in the MasterChef challenge.

Is it another channel 10 hype to get ratings? I don’t care because it is fantastic to see a contestant who has real adversities competing, even if he does own a vineyard. If I see another crying accountant/lawyer having a midlife crisis I will break something. Watching John create a simple dish and be the only contestant to cook the crocodile perfectly made me sit up in my couch and take notice.

As a mother of a child with a disability you know that there is no even playing field and all you ask for is that they give it all they can, hoping for the best. John’s chances of making it all the way and win MasterChef is slim, very slim but I am going to enjoy watching him give a good go and hope for the best.

Because I have not watched MasterChef before tonight, I have no idea about the other contestants and what has been cooked so far. What I do know is that I will be whinging about MasterChef in future blog posts and envoke my right as a women to change my mind about never watching MasterChef again.


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