Missing the Philipines

It has been 18 months since I visited the Philipines and still haven’t completed my scrapbook. Here are some of my favourite shots from the first 48 hours. Because I was going to miss my favourite children they gave me there most special teddies to take with me. For the first couple of days I took heaps of photos with the teddies in shot and because I didn’t want to get them wet/dirty I left them at home.

On the plane

Waiting for breakfast in Singapore

Waiting for the shuttle train at Singapore

My room at Grandma’s house.

Here they chain up the roosters and the dogs run free

The waiting spot! When will everyone be ready? Where is the van?

Dresses and more dresses

First dining out experience and due to the language barrier I ended up with 2 meals

Pub that had run out of luke warm beer

Feral kitten with a short stumpy tail, before Dad got to it with a sling shot

Living out of a suitcase


Buggy, what color is it?

Strange cars

Kiddies off to school, we did see 5 kids on a bike once

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