Crochet baby blanket

Recently I created a baby blanket using a soft wool blend.

My blanket was totally off the cuff design.
The edging was my own design and a follow up on the last edge that I did. I am not an expert in crochet and find it hard to follow patterns, so I tend to make up something and keep repeating it.

This edge was a more little bubbly and I got to use a pivot stitch.

This blanket was a true labour of love and I really enjoyed making it.  It is far from perfect and the edges don’t lie flat but I love it just the same.

I nearly forgot to take a photo/s of the blanket before I gave it away. Here it is draped over my chair at work, just minutes before I gave it to a pregnant collegue.

This is my pattern and hopefully those that have a little crochet knowledge will be able to work it out.
US terms
First row, chain 60
Second row, single crochet in every chain
Third row, 3 x double crochet into every third section
Fourth row, 3 x double crochet into each section
I changed colors after 16 rows and completed 3 rows of white
Last row, single crochet in each stitch
Outside crochet was 3 x crochet into every section, adding two in each corner
(I didn’t join each granny with a chain)
(each scalloped edge was joined with a single chain)
chain, double crochet, triple crochet, triple crochet + chain (pivot stitch), triple crochet, double crochet,
UPDATE: I found out this morning my collegue had a baby girl. The weather has gotten rather cold over the last couple of days and I’m sure this blanket will be used regularly.

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