Ms Spider episode 4

During the flood I felt regret that I had thrown out Ms Spider and held fears for her safety. As I type this I am shacking my head over my emotional attachment to a Huntsman Spider.

My facebook friends sent me messages asking if Ms Spider survived.

I must confess that during the second day without power I totally lost all patience with Ms Spider jumping out from under the sofa with her back raised that I grabbed a can of insect spray and chased her with it. During a 30 second period I managed to spray her 4 times, to the point where she was covered in white foam. She then chased me until I promised to put down the can of insect spray.

As Ms Spider marched back under the sofa, I headed back to the kitchen with mixed feelings because I knew that within minutes she was going to die from the insect spray.

Over the next couple of days I was hardly home because I was volunteering at the tempory evacuation centre based at the school.

There was one night not long after the power came back on where I sat down on the couch to watch the news when I spotted Ms Spider sitting on the wall, watching me. She was alive! And watching me…

The next night at the same time, I sat down on the lounge, she scurried up from underneath, sat on the arm rest and watched me for the duration of the 30 minute news program. Now I know that I can’t kill this spider and so does she and she’s rubbing it in my face.

For the last 2 nights Ms Spider has been occupying my ensuite shower and each night I chase her out with a spray of water. What I don’t care for is that after I have chased her out of my shower she sits on the tiles and grooms herself, cleaning off the water spray.

Hasn’t she grown?

I tried to capture her grooming herself on video, except the light was too dark, so I grabbed a torch and she stopped.

Looks like I will be sharing my house with Ms Spider for a couple of years because Huntsman Spiders can live for 2 years.


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