Ms Spider episode 3

The other night I was watching TV and Ms Spider was running around the lounge room floor, she was chasing a baby gecko. Every time the baby gecko would disappear behind the TV unit Ms Spider would run out from underneath the foot rest and charge behind the unit. Seconds later the baby gecko would be running up towards the ceiling and Ms Spider would slowly crawl back to the foot rest.This went on for an hour or so.

I was ignoring MS Spider and her antics and at one point got up and walked towards the kitchen. Ms Spider was obvious in a pissed off mood at not getting the baby gecko stopped in her tracks and raised her body up in an attack position.

I said ‘get over yourself’ and walked on by.

Her eyes glowed red when I used the flashon the camera.

To my shock when I walked back into the lounge room, Ms Spider had not moved and was waiting for me, still in her attack position.

Who does she think she is? This huge spider was so use to me running out of the room and coming back with the dust pan and brush, chasing her around and loosing the battle. She was like, ‘bring it on’.

I sat down on the lounge and said ‘you’re the bitch, for now’.

The next time I looked up she had run off.

Later on in the evening when I was heading to bed when I came across Ms Spider, she was on the wall in the hallway at head high. I had no idea where she was heading but enough was enough, it was time for her to go outside.
So I grabbed the dry mob and chased her into a corner where I asked nicely if she would please hop on the mop, so I could escort her outside. Surprising Ms Spider was happy to hop on and stay on until I ran quietly screaming out the back door.
I left the mob outside so when she was ready, she could hop off and stay outside.

Photo taken the next day and Ms Spider is in the wind

As I was drifting off to sleep I realized that all my doors are sliding doors, except the front door. Ms Spider has to be getting inside through the front door. Every time that I escort her out of the house it is always via the back door. We have been playing the eviction game for many months now and I am truly amazed about how much effort this spider goes to be inside.


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