You know your not in the city anymore when:
The drive thru is for meat pies and sausage rolls.

Children can drive cars.

You share your pool with cattle.

There is no where to hang your towl.

Your never sure of what you will find.

Grown ups play with cane-toad tadpoles.

The cattle think you look funny.

Avitar the Brangus Bull thinks I’m strange.
He is not alone, there are people in the city who think that too.

All the Brangus Bulls think I am strange wearing city sandles on my feet.

Yup, she is strange.

Tickling a calf is fun.

Check out how close we got to an Emu and her 8 chicks.
I never see that when driving to work each day.

Oh and when the ute’s battery goes flat we all pile onto the 4 wheel bike.
There is no emergency assist out here, you have to rescue yourself.